Care Well Calendar

How will you care for others today? At Wisdom of the Wounded, we know that small acts of caring can make a big difference. Whether it’s volunteering in the community, caring for a sick friend, or simply offering a kind word to someone who is distressed or lonely, our actions do matter.

Our ministry founder Karen Mulder often reminds us that Jesus called us to love our neighbor. And, as the parable of the Good Samaritan teaches, our “neighbors” are anyone, especially those who are suffering. But, it can be easy to walk on by, especially if we’re busy or not sure how to respond. That’s why we created the Wisdom of the Wounded Care Well Calendar.

Our Care Well Calendar can help you figure out how to build caregiving activities into your day. The suggestions range from no-cost ways to help a friend to structured activities designed to involve a group.  Use our calendar “as is” to remind you on a daily basis. Or, simply be inspired by the ideas and create your own path to caring for others. It’s up to you!

Each month, we will upload a new calendar with fresh ideas for how to Care Well. Stop by this page and download your free version each month and make caregiving a habit. Or, sign up for our  monthly newsletter which features the month’s calendar.