Our Story

Wisdom of the Wounded was founded on Karen Mulder’s belief that we can care well for one another in the midst of pain by sharing our stories. In her own life, Karen has found that those who have actually been in a crisis offer the best advice on how to help others walk through a similar experience.

We are all in relationship with someone facing difficulty—a divorce, a death, a child in trouble. At Wisdom of the Wounded, you’ll find the knowledge and skills you need to become a more compassionate and caring friend to those in need. All of the wisdom shared here comes from real stories of pain and hope.

Karen was originally inspired to share these stories during a Bible Study she led on Luke 13 over 25 years ago. “Jesus sees the woman who’s all bent over and hasn’t been able to stand straight for 18 years,” explains Karen. “I asked these women, ‘When have you felt like that— maybe not physically, but mentally, spiritually or emotionally—when you were so bent over it was hard to face the day?’

As women shared their stories, Karen asked them to also share the care that loved ones offered that made a difference. Their answers encouraged Karen on her own journey of hope in the midst of pain.

From there, Karen continued looking for ways to care well. Graduating from Western Theological Seminary with a focus in pastoral care in 1991, she went on to publish The Compassionate Congregation with Ginger Jurries  in 2002 and began her Wisdom of the Wounded radio show in 2011. Through it all, she’s hosted workshops, written articles and shared stories with the desire to help people care for one another in their hurts. That is her passion and calling. That is why Wisdom of the Wounded exists.

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