As the saying goes, two are better than one. Remember this adage if you are an adult who wants to find a way to honor or please your dad this year!

A great Father’s Day gesture is to offer to help him with a project.  As Emily Dockery says, “Whether it’s a project he’s been working on for ages, one he started yesterday, or one he’s been putting off for weeks, he could probably use another pair of hands.  Even if you aren’t fond of the current task, it’s a way to let your dad know you care about him.”

Gary, a father, agreed that working on a project together would be a great gift. He says, “While we are working together, we can talk, catch up with each other’s lives, and hopefully share some laughs.”

You could also reverse this gift and ask your dad for a helping hand.  By doing this, you are sending a positive message that says you value him and would like to spend time together. This works especially well if your dad is retired and showing signs of being bored.

So this season, consider giving your dad a “2 are better than 1” gift!

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