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Lament For Parents Of Children With Handicaps


Oh, my Lord, what now? How can we take care of her? Of him? What of the other children? Of us? My tears are like rain, soaking me. My grief is like acid, eating me. Why did it happen to her, to him? to us? How will we help her? Help him? How can we pay […]

Keep Praying


For the past two weeks, a topic has repeatedly come into my awareness.  Finally, today I said, “Okay God, I hear you.  You must be nudging me to do a radio program on the importance of the prayers of mothers and grandmothers.” Abraham Lincoln said, “I remember my Mother’s prayers, and they have followed me; […]

“They Were Praying!”


They Were Praying! Linda asked, “How long are we supposed to keep praying for Michael?” On a Sunday evening, I told Linda and Walter that I was really concerned about the safety of my son Michael. Michael was mountain climbing in Ecuador and it was a technical climb to the summit of Mt. Cayambe. When […]

Caregiving Basic: Pray


One of the most important and helpful guideline for effective caregiving is to pray. To pray is to acknowledge the presence of God. To pray is to connect with God; so that God can empower us.

Where is God?


There once was a woman who was very depressed because she did not feel the presence of God.  She kept saying, “Why doesn’t God make me feel that he is here?  How can God leave me so alone? If I could only feel him near and know that he has touched me.” The woman to […]

How to pray? One way: The ACTS prayer


Praying is having a conversation with God—just as if God was sitting across the counter from you. But sometimes my mind wanders. . .sometimes it seems that I just say the same things over and over. A prayer model which I really like to pray is the ACTS prayer: The acronym stands for Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication.

Connecting With God


What is Prayer For? Connecting with God What is the purpose of prayer? One of my pastors, Jill Russell, said in a sermon, “We have asked and it has not been given. We have looked and have not found; we have knocked and the door was locked tight. We’ve prayed for healing for people who […]