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Avoid These Phrases When Someone Shares Their Domestic Violence Abuse Story


Guest post by  Sue What do you say to someone when she reveals that she is being abused? Anyone with a compassionate heart will feel strong emotions when hearing this news. While speaking to a domestic violence victim is best done by speaking from your heart, be sure that your emotions don’t cause you to […]

Caregiving Tips for Visiting a Friend in the Hospital


Submitted by: Lisa Barker The following story is from Lisa, who offers advice from her own experience of a month-long stay in a hospital. Lisa says, “After gallbladder removal surgery, at the age of twenty-five years old I was unexpectedly diagnosed with a rare liver condition. Within eighteen hours I was in liver, kidney, and […]

Tips from a Young Widow: How to Help Those Who are Grieving

Debbie was a stay-at-home mom of four young boys when her husband passed away unexpectedly. At 35, she was thrust into widowhood. “In an instant, my worst fear became my reality. An unchangeable reality,” writes Debbie, in this blog post. Debbie, who is a fitness coach, recalls the weeks immediately following her husband’s death as […]