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Caregiving Basics
Keep Praying
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“They Were Praying!”


Do you ever check in with someone after a prayer request? Here’s a story from my own personal experience that reminded me how important it is to stay in touch with those for whom you are praying. Do you On a Sunday evening, I told Linda and Walter that I was really concerned about the […]

Caregiving Basic: Pray


One of the most important and helpful guideline for effective caregiving is to pray. To pray is to acknowledge the presence of God. To pray is to connect with God; so that God can empower us.

Connecting With God


What is the purpose of prayer? One of my pastors, Jill Russell, said in a sermon, “We have asked and it has not been given. We have looked and have not found; we have knocked and the door was locked tight. We’ve prayed for healing for people who die. We’ve prayed for peace in a […]

The Caregiver’s Prayer


(Submitted by Ann Anderson of Holland, MI)

Compassionate and healing God,
Help us to see Your face
In the faces of our sisters and brothers
Who are sick or injured.
Guide us to reach out to them
With hearts of compassion