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A Hostess Basket


When visiting a person in a nursing home or a person who is home-bound, consider giving the person a hostess basket: To create a hostess basket, fill the basket with an array of treats: such as, chocolate kisses, fresh fruit, bags of trail mix, home-baked cookies etc. The beauty of this gift, is that the […]

A Wall Of Memories


By Cindy Terlouw One year ago after a short hospital stay, we brought our dear mother to a nursing home facility in the town where she was born and raised.  The doctors informed us that she was very fragile due to conditions surrounding congestive heart failure. After 66 years of marriage and having never spent […]

What to do when visiting someone in the hospital


Following are suggestions to guide you in visiting those who are ill. Since circumstances vary, some of the suggestions may not apply in a given situation. These may also apply to visiting someone in a nursing home.

A Beauty or a Grooming Gift


Even when my mother was 91 years old, she still wanted me to bring her “Age Performing Cream and Night Repair Cream!” She also welcomed creamy nice smelling body lotion. So maybe every six months, I put together a beauty basket for her. The basket contained such items as: body lotion chap stick special moisturizers […]

The Visit


by Robby Dilmore How about a new twist to Matthew 25, “When I was sick you came to me. When I was in prison you visited me.”  Thursday mornings I regularly do devotions at an assisted living center.  Recently when I walked in Betty was sitting in her wheel chair waiting for me to come […]