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It’s a Wig


Dayna Butterbaugh, recently diagnosed with breast cancer and in the middle of high-level treatment, was in a beauty supply store.  A stranger walked in and effusively praised Dayna’s beautiful head of hair. “It’s a wig.  It’s a wig.” shouted the shopkeeper. Naturally, the customer inquired about the circumstances. “Chemo! Shouted the woman shopkeeper.”  This turned […]

Breakfast In Bed For Dad – Easy Recipes


Surprise the dads with breakfast in bed.  We often think of breakfast in bed for moms on Mother’s Day, but I am betting that breakfast in bed for dads would surprise and please them. For a simple breakfast, make a quick trip to McDonalds or Arby’s and pick up dad’s favorite fast-food breakfast. Have you […]

The Rabbi’s Gift


After a while the rabbi motioned the abbot to enter. In the middle of the room was a wooden table with the Scriptures open on it. They sat there for a moment, in the presence of the Book. Then the rabbi began to cry. The abbot could not contain himself. He covered his face with his hands and began to cry too. For the first time in his life, he cried his heart out.