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How to Help Your Teen Cope with Grief


Tears spilled gently from my eyes as I watched my 19-year-old daughter triumphantly cross the finish line of her first marathon. The emotions that whirled around in my head were so mixed: proud of her accomplishment but sad by what had prompted it and what it had come to mean. Six months earlier my husband […]

Living with the Dying


Guest post by Colleen Arnold, MD I worked in emergency medicine, family practice and hospice care over my physician career; therefore I have plenty of familiarity with death and dying. Even so, I developed a new perspective when my 57-year-old husband died from lung cancer less than six months after his diagnosis. Gleaned from that […]

Three Ways to Ease the Suffering of Someone Who Is Dying


By Dr. Colleen Arnold, as told to Karen Mulder As a family physician, emergency room doctor and hospice doctor, Colleen Arnold is no stranger to death and dying. But her experience took a personal turn when her husband Neil was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer at the age of 57. Colleen offers us these three […]

When Someone Is Grieving, Just Show Up and Help


Guest post by Colleen Arnold, MD I am a family doctor, a hospice volunteer physician, and a faithful Christian, but even armed with all of this, there was nothing I could do to save my 57-year-old husband from cancer. He died in 2015, less than six months after his diagnosis. Although friends and neighbors did […]