Finding Delight: A Positive Perspective

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The world can seem dark with its news of escalating wars, people starving, friends and family members struggling with cancer, the upcoming presidential election, our nation’s loneliness epidemic and other sad and scary news.

Against this bleak backdrop, I read an article in The New York Times written by Catherine Price, “When the World Feels Dark, Seek Out Delight” which didn’t dissolve all the bad news but helped me to also hold on to some light, or perhaps you might say, some “delight.”

Catherine suggests that we “make a point to notice things in our everyday life that delight you.  This could be anything—a pretty flower, a smile you share with a stranger, the sight of a person playing a trumpet while riding a unicycle down a major Philadelphia thoroughfare (true story).”

An important part of this ritual, according to Catherine, is that “whenever you notice something that delights you, you lift your arm, raise your index finger in the air and say, out loud with enthusiasm, ‘Delight!’  (Yes, even if you’re alone.)”

Larry and I have been practicing noticing positive things and labeling them and sharing them.  At first, we felt a little silly when we shot our arms in the air and declared, “Delight!” but now it is a delight to share a delight. For example:

  • In late December, my “delight” was holding Brayden’s, my great grandson’s, hand as we crossed a road.
  • On January 1:  Larry identified a moonflower and then both our arms shot up as we declared “Delight!”

This year will still be filled with sadness and darkness, but it will also be filled with delights. I resolve to notice them. Please join me.

Karen Mulder

Karen Mulder

Karen Mulder is the founder of the Wisdom of the Wounded ministry. She lives in Holland, Michigan with her husband Larry.

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  1. Sooky Bale

    DELIGHT WOW , Karen , I just had a delight just like you. This great Grandma got to love and hold my month old great Grandson, Samuel ! I didn’t raise my hand and say DELIGHT but I am sure my heart did. I lost one of the ” delights of my life eight months ago, so loved and so missed, David!
    Yes, there has been some darkness, but the precious memories (all of which I could say “delights” have
    taken out the darkness and given me Light for the day and night in this new journey in my life! They say to “count your blessings”, name them one by one” and now I can look for things that delight me ,raise up my hand, point my finger and say ” DELIGHT” Count your DELIGHTs name them one by one. !!
    Just got a Delight, my Granddaughter just texted me and said, ” I love you Grandma!”
    Psalm 37:4 DELIGHT yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires (the delights) of your heart!
    Thanks Caterine and Karen, it was a DELIGHT !!!

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