Challenging Relationships

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Listening to Differing Opinions


By Sarah My relationship with my grandmother is difficult. While I was growing up, we fought over boundaries and ideas, because we have very differing opinions on the ways of the world.  I would frequently get lectured for the simplest offense. It was like she was talking AT me, not conversing with me. She seemed […]

I Love My Dad and It is Difficult


When Pastor Gordon’s dad passed away a few years ago, he left memories of a conflicted relationship with his immediate family. When people offered their condolences to Pastor Gordon, he wasn’t sure how to respond. Pastor Gordon says he was grateful for people’s kindness when they said, “You must miss your dad.” But he didn’t […]

Search for Common Ground


It can be difficult to care for someone when we are at odds with their point of view. But I encourage you: remember your common ground. Remember the ties that bind you together. Remember your history with this person. Sometimes we allow one aspect of who a person is to color our opinion of the […]