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Teenagers Grieve Too


Victor Parachin, who is an ordained minister and has written several books on grieving, reminds us that too often teenagers feel “invisible” or are “forgotten grievers” when there has been a death. Yet, every day a teenager experiences the death of someone they know and love a parent, sibling, grandparent, schoolmate, friend or relative. Like […]

What Do You Say in a Funeral Line?


You are in this long line, and you are wondering what to say when you finally reach the individuals who are grieving the death of a loved one. First, it is helpful to remember if you are in a line at a funeral home, you are already doing the most important gesture of caring. You may be uncomfortable, but you are there.

How to Comfort a Grieving Teen


Editor’s Note: The following article is excerpted from the TEDx talk, “How to Comfort a Grieving Teen” by Bridget Park. “I am so sorry that this terrible thing happened to you.” “I am sure he is in a better place.” “It was so selfish of him to do that, and everyone knows it.” “One day […]

Grandparents Cry Twice


Recently, I read an article in the AARP December 2013/January 2014 magazine titled, “The Forgotten Mourners.”  The article included comments from the grandparents of children who died in the Newtown school shooting. One set of grandparents said, “We have been trying to cope with our own grief, but what hurts the most is seeing our […]