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Caregivers Taking Care of Caregivers


Don’t overlook the major caregiver. He or she needs some uplifting too! The most difficult time for my wife (Jean) and me was dealing with the two-and-a-half-year losing battle with cancer waged by our nineteen -year-old son, Paul. Within days of the diagnosis, his left leg was amputated two-thirds above the knee, and after metastasis he endured a series of six lung surgeries. My response was to personally appropriate the stories of Jesus’ encounters with heartbroken parents: Mark 5:23 became, “My son is at the point of death. Come and lay your hands on him, so that he may be made well, and live.”

Grieving the Loss of a Pet


[Editor’s note: do you know someone who is grieving the loss of a pet? In this excerpt from our book The Compassionate Congregation, we meet Loretta, whose sister offered caring words, even though she didn’t fully understand Loretta’s grief.] Lucky was a very special cat from the moment we found him in the parking lot […]

Death of an Infant Child


My experience took place when our infant son, Justin, died with no apparent symptoms at the tender age of three and a half months. It happened in the evening just after my husband, a pastor, had left for a meeting. I rushed my baby to the hospital, but the doctors could not revive him. I had one older son, Joshua, who was then 3, and would later have another son, Christian, but neither of these children would or could replace the precious child whom we lost. -Donna

Death of a Parent, Relative or Friend


Room to Grieve When my father died three years ago, I was devastated.  He had been my best friend and mentor. At the time, I was already being treated for depression (which, I believe, was partially related to my concern for my dad over the last year of his life). After dad died, many cards […]

Death of a Spouse


The Process of Grief When my husband was killed in a private plane crash, I was completely devastated.  Not only was I left a very young widow, but I also had two teen-aged boys to raise on my own.  Raising two children is an awesome task with a mate; now I was alone, almost incapacitated […]