Care Well Challenge

At Wisdom of the Wounded we empower you to care well for those in need. Caring for others doesn’t always require a lot of time or money. It’s a matter of helping you place caregiving at the forefront of your mind, and then giving you the resources to take action.

That’s why this year we’re extending a Care Well Challenge to our readers. It’s a low pressure invitation to see those around you who may need some encouragement or a small act of kindness, and to take a step toward that need. Throughout the year, we’ll feature resources to spark your ideas and help you along the caregiving journey.

Ready to get started? Click on the image of our downloadable calendars (located in the right sidebar of this page) to receive practical, easy-to-use ideas for how to care well for others.

Here’s a hint for using our Care Well Calendars: don’t feel as if you must use the ideas exactly as printed. The calendars are designed to inspire you, so feel free to modify the caregiving action to fit your specific situation.

Want more caregiving inspiration? Check out our top Caregiving Basics resources below.