Caregiving Basics

In any caregiving situation, there are four basic guidelines to help ensure that you offer loved ones the attention and support that they need.

Below are some additional resources that can be applied to many caregiving situations (Don’t see what you’re looking for here? Enter in a topic in the search button on the top right-hand side of this page or ask Karen):

A Prayer for Racial Justice


Are you wondering how to pray for racial justice? I found the website Faith and Prejudice, which is a “movement of Christians who are committed to living a life of radical love and humility as demonstrated by Jesus Christ; the type of love and humility that confronts and dismantles racism in America once and for […]

Praying During the Coronavirus Crisis


At a recent Wisdom of the Wounded team meeting we discussed praying during the coronavirus crisis. One of Ann Lamott’s simple, yet three powerful prayers like, “Help” “Thanks” or “Wow” fit the bill. But we also wondered: maybe people are seeking specific ways to pray for others during this very unusual time in our lives. […]

A Wonderful Gift for a Suffering Friend


What is the most wonderful gift you can give a suffering person?  You don’t have to go to the mall to buy it, you don’t have to wrap it, it’s free, and it is one of the most powerful ways to be God’s light to those who are struggling. What do you think that gift […]

To Offer Comfort, Bury Your Quick Fixes


My sister, Loretta, is one of my favorite people in the whole world; so I could hardly stand it when I received the news that her house had burned and was totally destroyed on the inside.  I called her immediately and one of the first things I said was, “Just think Loretta, you will get […]

Encourage a Suffering Person to Share Their Feelings

Did you know that the word “comfort” is derived from a Greek word that means “to come alongside and encourage?” God says, “Go comfort my People” and asks us to walk alongside someone during their times of pain. But that’s not always easy, is it? Nicholas Walterstorff, a well-known theologian and author of Lament of […]

Never Say She’s in a Better Place


Guest post by Robert Luidens Note from Karen: this wisdom was shared with me by Robert Luidens, a pastor with the Reformed Church of America. Bob recounts a day many years ago, when he met Janelle, a woman whose 10- year-old daughter had died suddenly after contracting a blood infection. I did not personally know […]

Don’t Talk Down to the Elderly


Letty Pogrebin in her book, How to Be a Friend to a Friend Who’s Sick, gives advice on how to care for a sick friend. Her advice can be applied to all caregiving situations. One of her suggestions is: “Don’t infantilize the patient. Never speak to a grown-up the way you’d talk to a child. […]

Tips from a Young Widow: How to Help Those Who are Grieving


Debbie was a stay-at-home mom of four young boys when her husband passed away unexpectedly. At 35, she was thrust into widowhood. “In an instant, my worst fear became my reality. An unchangeable reality,” writes Debbie, in this blog post. Debbie, who is a fitness coach, recalls the weeks immediately following her husband’s death as […]

Walk and Talk


I was depressed.  I could not get myself to do what I knew would help me. If you are seeking creative ideas, go out walking.  Angels whisper to a man when he goes for a walk.  ~Raymond Inmon I knew that a good brisk walk would give me energy and lift my spirits, but as  […]

Groceries Delivered With A Smile


When I was ill with a terrible cold—the kind that makes you feel miserable and you can  barely move your body from one room to another—a friend called and said, “I am at the grocery store, what may I pick up for you?” I responded, “Oh I would love some orange juice and three cans […]

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