By Roger Price

Have you ever attempted to help someone who is hurting, and they said or did something that was hurtful to you? It’s happened to me and my immediate reaction has been to write that person off and leave them to their own problems.

This started to change when I heard two expressions that adjusted my perspective. The first expression is “Hurting people, hurt people.”

I think this is often the case, and so when someone hurts me, I try to remember they may not have intended to do so—it’s just that they themselves are hurting. This helps me hang in there and continue to try to help them.

The second expression had an even bigger impact on me: “People need love the most when they deserve it the least.” It’s easy to love people who don’t need it, but I feel called to also love those who do, even if it’s hard. God bless.

About the author: Rodger Price is an executive coach and author. He owns and leads Leading by Design, a company committed to helping West Michigan people become amazing leaders who drive for excellence while serving and caring for those in their charge.

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