Create a Sports Basket for Dad


I asked two Sport Enthusiasts (another word for Sports Nuts), if they were to receive a sports basket for Father’s Day or birthday or when they were in the hospital,  what would they like to see in that sports basket?

They gave the following suggestions:  (These suggestions are also great for Christmas.)

  • a coupon for delivered pizza
  • Gift card for Buffalo Wings
  • favorite team t-shirt
  • good Sports Movies
  • sunflower Seeds
  • popcorn
  • trail mix
  • ”Sports Illustrated” or a magazine which focuses on person’s favorite sport.
  • chips n dip
  • beverage
  • Make sure they have Internet access and the ESPN Watch app (where you can watch any ESPN program on your computer)
  • Send them some YouTube clips of the greatest sports plays of the year… and bloopers too.
  • One could also do some research on the patient’s favorite team(s) and be ready to talk about how they did, or are doing.

Thanks Nick and Rodger for these great ideas which would brighten a Sports Enthusiast’s Day.  So consider brightening someone’s day with a basket of sports treats.

(The above list gives some great ideas for Christmas and birthdays or for Father’s Day.)

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