Chicken Soup Recipe


Julie’s Chicken Soup

Cook whole chicken fryer for 2 hours (put salt and chicken bouillon in water – bring to boil then turn down)

1/2 package of celery (chopped) and carrots (chopped)  – I usually use whole package of both and chop in big sizes

bag of noddles – I use the no yolk large

after chicken is cooked take out of the pot to cool – put *seasonings, celery, carrots in pot and cook for 30 minutes then put in noddles.  I usually add water to pot to make a big pot of soup and have extra liquid – if I add water I add some salt and more chicken bouillon.

*Seasoning I add –

  • celery seed
  • ground oregano
  • italian
  • ground thyme
  • dill weed
  • rubbed sage
  • tarragon
  • whole basil

I put a lot of all seasoning (just pour it in) and even more of tarragon (this is the magic of the soup)

Julie Newton

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