Do you ever check in with someone after a prayer request? Here’s a story from my own personal experience that reminded me how important it is to stay in touch with those for whom you are praying.

Do you On a Sunday evening, I told Linda and Walter that I was really concerned about the safety of my son Michael. Michael was mountain climbing in Ecuador and it was a technical climb to the summit of Mt. Cayambe. When I expressed my anxiety, Linda and Walter immediately said, “We will pray for Michael.”

That was on Sunday, and on Thursday, Linda called and asked, “How long are we supposed to keep praying for Michael’s safety?” That was so wonderful because I knew that they had not forgotten about my prayer request. Their prayers were ongoing. “They’ve been praying all this time!” I thought.

Linda’s phone call gave me a wonderful caregiving idea: when you tell someone that you will be praying for them, call them a few days later to check-in. It will reinforce your message of care.

Thank you Walter and Linda.

Photo credit: Michael W. May

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