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Search for Common Ground


It can be difficult to care for someone when we are at odds with their point of view. But I encourage you: remember your common ground. Remember the ties that bind you together. Remember your history with this person. Sometimes we allow one aspect of who a person is to color our opinion of the […]

Be Renewed


Spring is, among other things, a metaphor for renewal, and renewal often involves taking risks. On our blueberry farm, when the buds swell early on our blueberry bushes, they are a pleasant sign of tasty things to come. But . . . if the budding occurs too early in the year because of a mild […]

An Easter Reflection


by Reverend Beverly Zell It’s hard for me to talk about Easter without speaking of Lent. Growing up it was strictly a Catholic practice and since we were radically protestant we skipped all the darkness of Lent in the rush to Easter. My first encounter with Lent occurred in my early 30s while attending a […]

Thank You Power


Today I received in the mail a hand written thank you note! This is a most unusual event and one to be celebrated. I was so impressed by the gesture that the note now occupies a place on my desk. Many years ago, a business guru, Tom Peters ranked writing a thank you note to […]

Tell People What You Need


If you are going through a difficult time, please do not be afraid to tell others what you need or want. People will respond with amazing generosity. Friends and family often want to help, but don’t know how. If you let them know specific ways they can help, you will be doing them, as well […]

Someday I Will


“Someday is not a day of the week.”  — Unknown We are surrounded by people who need our care. The problem is too often our hearts say “go” but our heads say “no” and we procrastinate. I procrastinate. Do you? Too often I follow the words of Mark Twain who said, “Never put off until […]

The Fixers Can’t Fix


As caregivers, we want to “fix” the hurting person. We feel that if we can rush in with the right “golden nugget” of wisdom to hand to the hurting person, all will be resolved. Then we can make a quick exit and get on with our own life. The truth is, seldom can we fix […]