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A Favorite Christmas Present


What was one of the most meaningful gifts you have received at Christmas? When I reflect on special gifts received, one that immediately comes to my mind didn’t cost money or require hours of shopping. Yet this gift continues to lift my spirits whenever I think about it.  It energizes me when I am feeling […]

25+ Ways to Care Well This Christmas


Dear readers, I am longing for something beautiful, meaningful and joyous to happen this Christmas season.  Maybe you are, too!  I believe one way to fulfill this longing is to focus our attention outward to those who are sad, lonely or grieving.  We are surrounded by individuals who need our care.  Often we ignore or avoid […]

Pep Talks Aren’t Reassuring to Military Families


Sometimes, words meant to reassure have the opposite effect. Jeri, whose son served in the military, offers an example of well-meaning friends who tried to make her feel better by giving her “pep talks” about her son’s time in the military. Jeri says: I received a number of “reassuring” pep talks from well-meaning people when […]

Practical Tips for Helping Military Families

How can we care for the families of military service members? There are so many ways! Here are several ideas from Jeri, whose son served in the military. The suggestions below help the parent who is managing all the details of their everyday lives while their spouse is away. Laundry duty:  Offer to do the […]

How to Keep Your Sense of Humor When You Are a Caregiver

Being a caregiver for someone can be stressful, especially if you are the primary caregiver to someone who needs full time assistance. Although there are many ways to practice self-care, one idea that’s often overlooked is the ability to rely on your sense of humor to help you get through the challenges in your day. […]

20 Ideas for Caregivers Who are Feeling Overwhelmed

Are you providing long-term care for someone? Caregiving can be a thankless, exhausting job. When you’re so busy taking care of someone else, how do you take care of you? Even though it may seem selfish to think about taking care of yourself when the care-receiver requires so much attention, you must do so.  In […]

What to Say When Someone Shares Their Domestic Violence Story


Guest post by Sue Would you know what to say if a friend shared that she was experiencing domestic violence? When someone you care about opens about her abusive situation, here are some recommended responses that help her know you want to help:  “I believe you.” One of the best ways to demonstrate your support […]