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Challenging Relationships
Life Is The Pits!
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Discover the Special Abilities Which God Has Given You


God has given us the gift of one or more special abilities, which are to be used for the purpose of unifying the body of Christ and for the growth of God’s Kingdom. These special abilities are called spiritual gifts.

Using our spiritual gifts when we are caring for someone who is suffering, makes caring easier, more effective and more enjoyable.

How To Love Another


Jesus says, “Love one another as I have loved you.” (John 15:12) Bruce Larson says, “One of the best ways to demonstrate God’s love is to _____________ to people.” Can you fill in the blank? Check out your answer with the correct answer on “Go Light Your World Today,” as I talk about one of […]

Baking chocolate chip cookies, washing a car, knitting and caregiving?


How does baking chocolate chip cookies, washing a car and knitting relate to caregiving? Listen to this program where I shared how to use your hobbies, talents and skills when caring for someone who is suffering.