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I Do Not Want to Talk About It


When there is a loss, some people process the loss within themselves.  They do not want to talk about it.  So how do you care for someone who is grieving a significant loss but does not want to talk about his or her feelings and struggles? When Laura’s dog Lacey died, the loss was very […]

Dear Parent of a Kindergarten Student


Are you sending your child to school for the first time?  What are your thoughts, feelings and concerns? Or do you remember when sent your child to school for the first time?  Do you remember how it felt? It would be such a gift to all parents, to have a letter from her child’s teacher […]

When Life Left My House


Marilyn, a Wisdom of the Wounded reader wrote to us and shared this unique story of a nest that isn’t quite empty but still requires an adjustment: I have four children; three of them left the house within 13 months. My daughter married in 2015…that wasn’t so bad, just an adjustment because I still had […]

Show You Care with a Helpful Cancer Treatment Basket


Editor’s note: The following story comes to us from Karen’s friend Donna, whose friend underwent cancer treatment. This story shows that the best gift of all is to just show up and be with your suffering friend. After finding out I had cancer, my friends stopped by with a basket filled with items that I […]

How to Create a One-of-A-Kind Father’s Day Gift


This year, help your child create a one-of-a-kind Father’s Day gift. There is something so precious about the way that young children look up to their fathers. Small eyes and ears pay close attention to their daddy’s every move. I bet if you were to ask a small child about her dad, she could readily […]

Kids Helping Other Kids Fight Hunger


For many children, June marks the start of summer vacation. No more school! It’s a chance to play outside, collect bugs or just lie on the ground and look up at the sky. But not every kid looks forward to summer vacation with the same excitement. For kids with food insufficiency, the meal they receive […]

A Grandmother Models Caregiving


Nancy VandeWater, a member of my church family, told me the following story. I believe it embodies the keys to ensuring that our children will grow up to be compassionate caregivers, so I share it with you here. Nancy’s Story: A short time ago I was to spend the day with my nine year old granddaughter, […]