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Say, “I’m Sorry”


Can you say, “I’m sorry?”

Mark Tyrell, therapist, speaker and author says: “Some people do not apologize, and can never admit they were wrong. Sorry isn’t a word they can say unless they are asking you to be.

People who don’t say sorry to their partner are much less likely to ever become married, or if they do they are much less likely to stay married. Never or seldom apologizing is a relationship crusher because one partner ends up feeling always in the wrong.”

Call Her. Call Him.


Pick up that 200 pound phone and call her!

Recently, I was causally reading Anne Lamott’s new book, Help Thanks Wow—and the following words jumped off the page, confronting me. Here are those words:

“God must love to hear us calling our meth-head cousin just to check in because no one else in the family speaks to him.”

So, Ann says,” I picked up the two-hundred pound phone, dialed his number, and said, “How are you?”

The Platinum Rule


We all know the Golden Rule:  Do to others what you would have them do to you. (Matthew 7:12)  It sounds good and is a nice starting point when caring for others.  However, sometimes the Golden Rule has a problem.  What if what you are doing for someone isn’t what they want done?  You’d like […]