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The Compassionate Congregation, approaches life’s challenges, pain and loss with sensitivity and warmth. From Alzheimer’s Disease to challenging relationships, this resource can help anyone become a better caregiver to someone who is suffering.

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122+ Ways to Care Well

Our friend has cancer. Our neighbor is unemployed. Our parent is elderly.

Individuals who need our comfort and care are all around us. The problem, however, arises when our hearts say, “Go,” but our heads say, “No.” We may tend to avoid these situations because we don’t know what to say or do.

Does that sound familiar to you?

That’s why Ginger Jurries and I wrote 109+Ways to Say, “I Care” in our book The Compassionate Congregation. Now I’ve taken these 109+ ideas and have expanded on them in podcasts and other posts. There is also a free e-book, which you can view/download here! It’s my hope that as you read through this menu of ideas some of the suggestions will inspire you to say “I can do that!” “I can do that for my friend who is suffering.”