Helping Children and Teens Grieve

Loss is especially difficult for children and teens because they have not yet developed the coping skills needed to deal with life’s challenges. Unfortunately, loss, disappointment and grief don’t wait until our kids grow up. These issues are part of everyday life.  Because younger people often experience grief differently than adults do, it can be difficult to know what to say or do for a grieving young person.

We created this resource page for helping children and teens grieve so that you would have access to stories, expert advice and tips for walking alongside and caring for a young person in your life who is hurting. Although many of these example focus on circumstances related to death, at Wisdom of the Wounded we consider it normal for people to grieve any loss. For example, a teen may grieve the inability to play sports after a severe injury. Or, a child may grieve when her best friend moves away. Other big life changes such as the addition of a sibling or a divorce in the family may also cause children’s behavior to change.

Whatever the situation, we believe it’s important to respect the grief journey of anyone who is suffering. Please enjoy our free, downloadable reference materials, located in the sidebar. We’ve also provided links to other organizations who have provided excellent expert advice on caring for youngsters encountering grief. You may also read below (or listen to an audio version) of our many stories of helping children and teens grieve.

Links to Other Resources

Bright Spots Games Memory Garden – Bereavement Healing Card Game

Child Mind Institute –Helping Children Deal with Grief

Ele’s Place –Holiday Tips for Grieving Families

National Alliance for Grieving ChildrenNAGC Superhero Toolkit – provides activities and conversations for grieving children, teens and their support network



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