1 Minute Daily Wisdom of Wounded

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1 Minute Daily Wisdom of Wounded
A Short Candle
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1 Minute Daily Wisdom of Wounded
Music For The Grieving
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1 Minute Daily Wisdom of Wounded
Aaron’s Remedy – Part 2
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We Do Not Know


What about those who die with no faith? You might say, “My husband never prayed.  My grandpa never worshiped.  My mother never opened a Bible, much less her heart.  What about the one who never believed?  What about those who die with no faith? I personally like Max Lucado’s response, “How do we know that […]

Freedom Isn’t Free


Army Staff Sargent Christopher Walker, age 28, a bomb technician, was wounded in Afghanistan.  He lost both arms and his left leg.  Now, Christopher’s days are filled with what his occupational therapist calls, “the skills of the job of living.” Christopher is learning to walk on an artificial leg and use computerized prosthetic arms, devices that […]

Set Someone Free


Flying through the forests of Guatemala is a brilliantly colored, Quetzal bird.  The head, back and chest are glittering emerald-green, and the under parts are crimson.  The upper tail feathers are enormously developed and form a train about 3 feet. One of the many legends about this bird says that it loves its freedom too […]

From Victim to Advocate


You could have heard a pin drop as 650 people listened to Elizabeth Smart tell her story.  You can read her story in her book, My Story. After hearing her story, you begin to wonder how was she able to transform herself from a victim to a dynamic speaker who works passionately to help prevent […]

Elizabeth Smart’s Story


“I felt so broken, so filthy, so worthless.  I felt like I had lost all value and all reason to keep on living.”  Elizabeth Smart As you may recall, Elizabeth Smart was fourteen years old when she was taken from her home in the middle of the night by religious fanatic Brian Mitchell.  For nine […]

My Dad Loved Me!


By Larry George Even though my parents had nine children, they tried to spend time with each of us. One cold wintery night when I was about 10 years old, I was doing my paper route in my cowboy boots. These boots were too big for me and there was a hole in the one […]