Caring Well Along the Cancer Journey

Do you know someone who is on a cancer journey?

The American Cancer Society reports that men have a 1 in 2 chance over their lifetime of developing some form of cancer. For women, the chances are 1 in 3 that some form of cancer will develop.

With statistics like these, it’s very likely that at some point in your life you will find yourself with an opportunity to care for someone who has received a cancer diagnosis.

But far from adopting a gloomy outlook, we at Wisdom of the Wounded choose to walk alongside those on a cancer journey with faith and hope. Over the past 40 years, advances in treatment have contributed to increased survival rates in many types of cancer. Some of the most commonly diagnosed cancers now have survival rates of over 90%.

Below we have listed our favorite podcasts that offer advice on what to say or do to care for those who are currently on a cancer journey. You’ll find many ideas for how to care well for this all-too-common life experience.