Caring for the Grieving

How can you care well for someone who has experienced a loss or significant life change? Circumstances such as a death, divorce, or loss of employment may lead to grief. For many of us, caring for the grieving is difficult because we don’t know what to say or do.

At Wisdom of the Wounded, one of our cornerstone beliefs is that we must Respect the Grief Journey when caring for others. Yet most of us were never taught how to respond to a grieving person. Many people find Wisdom of the Wounded when they search for What Do You Say in a Funeral Line? This speaks to people’s desire to express words of comfort at a difficult time.

We understand that grief is often like the “elephant in the room”: it’s there for everyone to see, but nobody is exactly sure how to address it. Therefore, we’ve created this resource page for you. In it, you will find dozens of blog posts and podcasts on the topic of caring for the grieving. You may also enjoy our free, downloadable reference materials. Click on the images in the sidebar to download “6 Tips for Helping Your Teen Cope with Grief” and “Helping Children Grieve.”

We invite you to read (or listen to) a few of these stories of caring for the grieving. You will learn how friends, families, co-workers (and even strangers!) stepped in to help others during their time of need. It’s our hope that these stories of the wounded will inspire you to compassionately walk alongside others when they experience the pain that life sometimes inflicts.