Editor’s Note: The following blog post is written by Randy Simpson, an inmate at a correctional facility. One of the ways you can care well is to write to someone who is incarcerated, to show them that someone cares. Randy’s address is listed below if you are so inclined.

Perhaps you have spent some time sitting in the darkness, or you are familiar with gloom? Perhaps you have felt like there is no one to help you?

I never planned for my life to end up this way: I’m in prison. I’m on the inside looking outside. The things I miss the most are my family’s love and support. Most of my family have passed away or moved on without me. Being on the inside is like a virus of loneliness, and my soul is bereft of peace. I have forgotten what happiness is. I often think of the Bible verse, “So I say gone is my glory and all that I hoped for.” The thing I miss the most is “humanism” and the values of life and family!

I pray, “God save me. My troubles are like a flood. I’m up to my neck in them. I’m sinking in deep mud. I have no firm place to stand. I’m deep inside, looking outside. I’m worn out and lost in this darkness of gloom! My eyes grow tired. Lord save me! Amen.”

A note from Karen Mulder:
Please write a postcard or letter to Randy so that he knows someone cares:

Randy Simpson #387204
Ojibway Correction Facility
N  5705 Ojibway Road
Marenisco, MI 49947

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