Gifts for the Elderly


Do you want to make an elderly person smile? Sometimes the lives of the elderly, especially those in a nursing homes, gets very boring; so, when you visit them surprise them with an unexpected present.

Following are some suggestions:

  1. Sweat suits are popular with the elderly.
  2. Large print books and audio books.
  3. If you know their favorite flavor of ice cream, surprise them with a sundae or shake.
  4.  Elderly people feel the cold more, so a cozy lap blanket, afghan, or bed jacket would be a welcomed gift.
  5.  If the person has hearing loss, wireless earphones make a wonderful present. This gift allows the person to pleasantly enjoy the TV programs and still keep peace with his roommates. (One recommendation is Sony’s wireless earphones which can be purchased at Best Buy.)

Put a smile on an elderly person’s face this week. The old saying, “Make someone happy and you will be happy too,” is true. Try it.

To download a free e-book on simple ways to care for the people in your life go to our post  titled 122+ Ways to Care Well.

Photo credit: Kelly Garbato

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