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Does God Still Speak To Us Today? by Bill Hybels


Bill Hybels recalls a life changing moment for him when he was a second grader. His teacher, Miss Van Soelen was reading a Bible story from 1 Samuel 3:1-10 to the class. This is the story where the Lord keeps calling Samuel. After three times, Samuel realizes it is the Lord and says: “Speak Lord, for your servant is listening.”

After the reading, Bill approached his teacher and being amazed that God would speak to a boy, Samuel; he asked her, “Does God still speak to little boys today?” “Absolutely, God still speaks” she answered. She reached into her desk drawer and gave him a piece of paper.

Learning About Caregiving From A Porcupine


What can a porcupine teach us about caregiving? In Martin Bell’s book, The Way of the Wolf, he tells the story about a porcupine who was a misfit in society and had no friends: One day, a porcupine stumbled upon a raccoon who had been shot and was near death. The porcupine remained with the raccoon and heard […]

Don’t Forget The Patient


Sometimes I whisper, “Forgive me mom. I didn’t know.” My lovely mother died eight years ago, and when she was in a nursing home for six years, I certainly made some careless caregiving mistakes.

For example, when my mom was recovering from pneumonia and was bed-ridden, many grandchildren and relatives visited her. That was wonderful, but I was so happy to see some of these individuals that what was supposed to be a visit with my mother became a social occasion.

Are You God?


Let your light shine before men.  That they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in Heaven.  Matthew 5:16 From:  First Church of God, Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania Joe was asked by a neighbor to drive her son to the hospital.  Although he had other things planned, Joe didn’t know how to say no.  He […]

How Are You? That’s A Big Question


How are you?  That’s a really big question to ask someone who is suffering. When I ask someone, “How are you?” am I asking about the person’s spiritual, mental, emotional or physical health?  The person may not know how to respond and therefore parrot the standard response, “I’m ok.” Or “Fine.” So instead of asking, […]