Abuse/Domestic Violence Resources


From a Christian perspective:
Telling the Truth:  Preaching Against Sexual and Domestic Violence by John S. McClure

For a list of Christian websites go to:

Michigan Coalition to End Domestic & Sexual Violence 

Freeing Hope

Other Helpful Books:

Should I Stay or Should I Go? By Lundy Bancroft
Why Does He Do That? By Lundy Bancroft
When Violence Begins at Home by K.J. Wilson, Ed.D
The Gaslight Effect by Dr. Robin Stern
Saving Beauty from the Beast by Vicki Crompton & Ellen Zeida Kessner
But I Love Him:  Protecting Your Teen Daughter from Controlling, Abusive Dating relationships by Jill Murray

Other Helpful Information :

How I Can Help handout


The National Domestic Violence Hotline:  1-800-799-SAFE or 1-800-799-723
Help is available to callers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Go to the HOTLINE web site for helpful information and resources:  www.thehotline.org Information on the web includes the following:
Getting Help Contact the Hotline
Help in Your Area
Safety Planning
What is Abuse?
Am I Being Abused?
Are You Abusing Others?
Teen Dating Abuse
Get Educated
What is Domestic Violence?
Helping a Friend
Abuse in America
Violence Against Women
Support the Hotline
Make a Donation
Ways to Give
Our Donors
Resource Download
The Hotlines
Reference Materials
Helpful Links

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