God says, “Give thanks at all times.” (1 Thes 5:18)  Yes, even when the day is dark and dreary, even when we are sad, discouraged, and suffering; for, our God is faithful and has promised to be with us.

I really like the following prayer for it reminds us why we can give thanks at all times:

God’s Promises

God hath not promised
Skies always blue,
Flower-strewn pathways
All our life through;

God hath not promised
Sun without rain,
Joy without sorrow
Peace without pain.

But God hath promised
Strength for the day,
Rest for the labor,
Light for the way,

Grace for the trials,
Help from above,
Unfailing sympathy

Undying love.

“Thank you Lord for this day and the promises you give to us.”

Karen Mulder

Karen Mulder

Karen Mulder is the founder of the Wisdom of the Wounded ministry. She lives in Holland, Michigan with her husband Larry.


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