Flying through the forests of Guatemala is a brilliantly colored, Quetzal bird.  The head, back and chest are glittering emerald-green, and the under parts are crimson.  The upper tail feathers are enormously developed and form a train about 3 feet.

One of the many legends about this bird says that it loves its freedom too much to survive captivity.  If caged its beauty fades and the bird dies.  People also fade and die when they are in captivity, when they are enslaved by alcohol, drugs, anger, grief, or an abusive spouse or parent.

Think of someone or a group of individuals who needs to be set free.  What will you do this week to help that person be free?

For ideas on how to help someone who is in captivity, search my website for advice.

God says to us, “Go set my people free. . .” Exodus 3


Sherri Maat

Sherri Maat