Giving Gifts to a Terminally Ill Friend


Should we bring a gift to a terminally ill friend?  Kate Bowler, who has stage IV colon cancer, says by all means bring a gift! Kate is an assistant professor at Duke Divinity School and author of the book, Everything Happens for a Reason: And Other Lies I’ve Loved.” Kate writes, “Bring me presents. Bring […]

Three Ways to Ease the Suffering of Someone Who Is Dying

By Dr. Colleen Arnold, as told to Karen Mulder As a family physician, emergency room doctor and hospice doctor, Colleen Arnold is no stranger to death and dying. But her experience took a personal turn when her husband Neil was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer at the age of 57. Colleen offers us these three […]

A Birthday Card for a Friend Who Is Very Ill

Just a few days after learning that our dear friend Jim had been diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer, the calendar informed us that his birthday was coming up.  Larry and I wondered what kind of birthday card to send him. All the funny or sarcastic cards seemed totally inappropriate. The flowery positive-thinking cards seemed […]

5 Ways to Respectfully Communicate with Someone With a Physical Disability


Guest post by Brittany Rose Lynn As much as we may be hesitant to admit it, being around others with needs different from our own can be uncomfortable. You may wonder what is appropriate to say, what questions you should avoid, and if you should jump in and help (or let them work a situation […]

Don’t Assume That a Person with a Disability Needs Your Help

One day I was attending a class on the Psalms, and I was running late.  So I screeched into the parking lot, slammed on my brakes, turned off the engine, jumped out, and started running toward  the door to the building where my class was about to begin. But . . . .approaching the same […]

Does My Brother Have a Disability in Heaven?

By David Korte, as told to Karen Mulder My older brother Mick passed away unexpectedly at the age of 46. I still miss him tremendously. If you were to see him walking down the street, you probably wouldn’t have known he had a mental disability. Academically, Mick functioned at about the 4th grade level. But […]

An Encouraging Word for Parents of Children with Autism


My friend Krista was in Burger King with her two sons. One son, Benjamin, has autism and was having a difficult time.  He was making loud noises and was jumping up and down and flapping his arms, as some people with autism do. A man in the next booth got up and came to our […]

Read It Again!


Guest Post by Amanda Price Has this ever happened to you? You pull a cuddly toddler onto your lap, open a favorite story book, and read to “The End”… And without missing a beat, the toddler says, “AGAIN!” Then, upon reading the story a second (or even a third) time, the toddler still says, “AGAIN!” Do […]

Feeling Stuck in Life? A Spiritual Director Can Help


By Kim Mulder, Certified Spiritual Director About 15 years ago an acquaintance told me that she had a “spiritual director.” Even though I had no idea what a spiritual director did exactly, it struck a chord deep within me. I could sense that someday this phrase that made my heart sing would be a part […]

What is Spiritual Direction?


By Kim Mulder, Certified Spiritual Director Are you feeling stuck in life? Do you have persistent questions about patterns you see in your life? Maybe the box that has held your life no longer includes all the tools you need to navigate faith, family or profession. Perhaps you need someone who can listen and let […]

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