When Someone’s Spouse Dies By Suicide


How will you show support in the midst of a loved one’s grief? When someone’s spouse dies by suicide, it’s difficult to know how to help. Here’s one person’s story of pain and how she worked through the grief process: “At approximately 2:oo p.m. on November 2, 1993, my husband took his own life.”  The […]

What to Say to a Child Who is Reluctant to Go Back to School


Guest post by Cindi Reynolds Do you know a child who is reluctant to go back to school after a break? As an elementary school counselor, I’ve found that transition times are hardest for school-aged kids. For example, Monday mornings, the day after a school break, or the beginning of a new school year are […]

Coping Tips for When Your Child Leaves for College

Guest Post by Sherri Maat Is your child leaving for college for the first time? How are you coping? As a parent of two boys, we sent our eldest off to college a couple of years ago. I’m here to tell you that it was a huge transition for everyone involved. My son Hunter attends […]

Caring for a Friend Who is Sending a Child to College

Guest post by Sherri Maat Do you know a friend who is sending a child to college for the first time? Here is the story of when my eldest departed, and the lessons I learned about how to help someone else through this huge life transition. Parenting Your Eldest Child: A Series of “Firsts” I […]

July Care Well Calendar


Summertime is here! Our July Care Well Calendar offers unique tips for you to care well all summer long. As part of our year-long Care Well Challenge, our July calendar offers caregiving tips with a summertime twist. Download our July Care Well Calendar here and see how easy caregiving during the summer months can be. […]

Caregiving Ideas for the Summer Months


Ah, summertime. For many of us it means more time outdoors with activities like picnics, ball games, and water time fun. We may think of “caring for others” as a holiday tradition, such as during the Christmas season. But I think that any time of the year is a good time to care for others. […]

Help Others Find Peace during Trauma


How can we help others find peace during trauma? Santa Barbara, California resident Barbara Gaughen-Muller learned the answer to this question a few weeks before Christmas of 2017. Barbara lives about 10 miles from where the dual natural disasters of the Montecito wildfires and Santa Barbara mudslides occurred. Barbara shares with us how she sought […]

What to Say When a Child Discloses Sexual Abuse

It’s terrible to imagine, but sexual abuse of children is more common than you might know. Estimates say that one in four girls and one in six boys will experience some form of sexual assault by the time they are 18 years old. Many survivors of sexual abuse prefer to stay anonymous. But one woman […]

Help Your Teen Daughter Show Dad She Cares

How can you help your teen daughter show that she still cares for her dad? Teen girls are often unsure how to navigate communication with their fathers.  Gone are the days when Dad could elicit giggles with his jokes just by being his own silly self. Most of the time a dad may get only […]

My Friend is Dying from Lung Cancer


My husband Larry’s best friend Jim has Stage 4 lung cancer and is under Hospice care.  After visiting Jim yesterday, Larry wrote him the following note. Dear Jim: Before I came to visit you, I read an article by Colleen Arnold, MD, entitled Living with the Dying. Dr. Arnold gave me advice on how to […]

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