A Starting Point for Racial Justice: Stop, Look, Listen


As a child, when my mother was teaching me about safety when crossing a street, she would instruct, “Stop. Look. Listen. And then Go.”  As the current events regarding racial injustice continue to swirl around in my head, I wonder, what should I do?What should our ministry, Wisdom of the Wounded, say and do? It […]

One White Privileged Woman and One Small Step Forward

From time to time, I’ve felt called to write about racial injustice. I’ve wondered if we’re teaching our children to hate.  And I’ve pondered my role as a bystander by not speaking up about racial injustice. The deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor have put the issue of racism in the United […]

Make a “Proud Of” List


When Lara Kallander’s daughter was a young teen, she became very sick and needed care for an extended period of time. Lara says, “It’s hard to feel that you are making progress when someone you love is sick because it may be two steps forward and then one step back.” To cope, Lara started making […]

Feeling Less Lonely During Lockdown


By Jennifer V. Miller Just a few blocks from where I live sits Aurora Pond, an independent retirement community that is nestled in a lovely, wooded section of land. When riding my bike, I’ve seen the residents milling about on the lawn, or waving to passersby from their apartment balconies. What a friendly group of […]

Write to a Lonely Person and Bring Joy


Do you have a nursing home in your community? Maybe someone who lives there is lonely. And you can help ease their loneliness! “Make someone happy, and you will be happy too!” is a line from an old song and it is so true.  When we reach out and write to a lonely person, not […]

Praying During the Coronavirus Crisis


At a recent Wisdom of the Wounded team meeting we discussed praying during the coronavirus crisis. One of Ann Lamott’s simple, yet three powerful prayers like, “Help” “Thanks” or “Wow” fit the bill. But we also wondered: maybe people are seeking specific ways to pray for others during this very unusual time in our lives. […]

Help Widows Keep Memories Alive

A few months after Jennifer’s dad died, her mother mentioned a very sad observation: nobody would mention his name in her mother’s presence. “I guess they don’t want to upset me” Jennifer’s mother said. “But I want people to talk about your dad. He was a wonderful man and I enjoy hearing people’s fond memories […]

Jump Off the Boat

Guest post by Jeff Mulder “Jump off the boat” is a phrase my wife and I use.  It comes from the movie, Forrest Gump.  There is a scene where Forrest is all alone and is driving his shrimp boat down the river.  He sees his long-lost friend Lieutenant Dan on a dock, and without any […]

Distance Caregiving for The Grieving


My friend Carole died on Good Friday during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Because of social distancing requirements, I was not allowed to visit with her husband in person.  We could not hug and share stories about Carole, which is what I would normally do for someone. So, I turned to “distance caregiving” for Carole’s grieving husband. […]

How to Help a Grieving Child on Mother’s or Father’s Day


Losing a parent at any age is difficult, but it’s especially hard on children. It’s estimated that as many as 1.5 million children will lose one or both of their parents by the age of 15. And two of the most difficult days of the year for grieving kids are Mother’s and Father’s Day – […]

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