Be There Even When You Don’t Want To


Jesus tells us, “Love your neighbor,” and he does not add, “when you feel like it.” Deanna Thompson is Professor of Religion at Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota and has written a book about her journey with Stage IV breast cancer. The title of her book is Hoping for More: Having Cancer, Talking Faith, […]

Micro Kindnesses Matter


From the passenger side of my car, the door opened, and a woman said, “I am a nurse. Are you ok?” After doing a quick check, I was surprised to discover although stunned, I was ok. The airbags had deployed so I couldn’t see outside the car. “I’m fine,” I replied. Just moments earlier, I […]

3 Ways to Respect Those in a Nursing Home


When I visited with my mother in the nursing home I always enjoyed talking with a woman named Susan, who, despite significant physical challenges, always seemed to choose the positive in any given situation. During our meaningful chats, Susan shared wisdom gained from living with limited physical mobility and using a wheelchair. She has the […]

The Everyday Good News of Easter

Cole Arthur Riley, author of Black Liturgies writes, “We were made for beauty and truth and goodness.”  During Lent, Christians reflect on the truths of our lives and our world. During these 40 days, I personally acknowledge how I have ignored, hurt, and, at times, rejected God, others, and myself. Then, with Easter comes the […]


God’s best relationship advice is “Love One Another.”  To the point and simple, right? I’m not proud to admit it, but sometimes that advice is difficult for me to follow. When I don’t know how to handle a situation, I tend to avoid it. So when I’m called to “love” another who looks different (maybe […]

Becoming a Family that Practices Honor


By Chris Marlink Our family was having a rough day. As we sat down to dinner, it was clear that an accumulation of slights, grievances, and careless words left us feeling wounded and angry. When asked what had happened during the day, our children immediately began to prosecute their cases against one another; everyone was deemed […]

The Value of Outings for the Elderly

By Cheryl Edwards-Cannon There is a perception that those with memory loss must be confined and are not allowed to venture out. Yes, there will come a time in the progression of the disease where it becomes impossible to venture out much beyond the front porch.  Until that time comes, here are a few benefits […]

Sanity Tips for Taking a Loved One with Dementia on an Outing

By Cheryl Edwards-Cannon My mother lived with dementia for more than 15 years. For as long as she was able, I made every effort to take her along with me whenever I did my errands. It was good for her and I truly enjoyed her company. That’s not to say that going out was easy. […]

Help People with Dementia Participate in the Outside World


By Cheryl Edwards-Cannon My mother had early-onset dementia. She and my father lived in a lovely residential community that was set up for residents with memory loss. Even though the facility had wonderful on-site enrichment programs, I continued to take my parents on outings to provide additional stimulation. Here are my top three ideas for […]

When Seniors and Kids Connect Everyone Benefits


I am a hugger. When the COVID-19 pandemic was in full swing, I missed hugging my grandkids. We know that when seniors and kids connect everyone benefits, so Larry and I got creative with our (safe) socializing. The ideas we came up with like visiting our great-granddaughters with silly signs were necessary during the pandemic, […]

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