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A Battle with Cancer


There are few words that strike terror in the heart like the word cancer.  It is such a silent, insidious disease.  A survivor usually wonders when and where it will strike next.  At age 53, I was diagnosed with colon cancer.  I was afraid, anxious, and angry.  Why had this happened to me? In the […]

Children Grieve Too!


It’s okay to cry. It’s okay not to cry. Just like adults, each child is unique and copes with grief in her or his own unique way. Children may go through some of the same stages of grief as adults – shock, denial, depression, anger, fear, bargaining and acceptance. Also, physical symptoms such as tantrums, […]

Death of a Spouse

The Process of Grief When my husband was killed in a private plane crash, I was completely devastated.  Not only was I left a very young widow, but I also had two teen-aged boys to raise on my own.  Raising two children is an awesome task with a mate; now I was alone, almost incapacitated […]

Gracious Answers to Awkward Questions about Our Adopted Kids


When we adopt a child who looks different from us, we generally feel we can handle the stares and loss of privacy that go with the territory. We may find, however, that the frequent questions and comments of strangers and relatives sometimes annoy and worry us. At the heart of our anger and anxiety is the fear that our adopted child will be hurt by thoughtless questions, or that their older siblings, who look less exotic, will feel neglected, but this need not happen.

The Silent Epidemic


A SILENT EPIDEMIC  There is a silent epidemic spreading throughout the United States and if affects all of us.  Twenty-five years ago, 1 child in 10,000 was diagnosed with autism.  Today, 1 child in 110.  Learn more about this developmental challenge, and how we can care for individuals and families with autism.  Also see additional […]

10 Signs Your Teenager is in Trouble


1. Depressed – Your teenager is acting depressed. He/she doesn’t want to do anything, lacks motivation, has lost interest in things he likes to do, and has a decreased attention span or effectiveness when doing things. 2. Anxious – Your teenager is feeling some anxiety. He or she cannot relax, is not sleeping well, having […]