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Use Your Hobbies and Talents in Your Caregiving


Consider ways to combine your hobbies, talents and passions with your caring for those who suffer. To explore this possibility, listen to the April 2 radio show, “Baking Chocolate Chip Cookies, Washing a Car, Knitting and Caregiving?” Some other examples include: If you are active or an athlete, consider supporting a fundraising walk or run.  […]

Telling Life’s Stories


Reminiscing is healthy! It’s the process by which we make sense out of this mystery we call life. Reminiscing helps those who are older to find meaning and purpose in the years they have lived. It can create new levels of appreciation and intimacy between generations and can transform times spent beside beds or other visits into memorable times together.

The following questions will provide you with hours of worthwhile communication. If possible, tape or write down your discussions. Then the stories can be shared with other family members and friends.

Caregivers Taking Care of Caregivers


Don’t overlook the major caregiver. He or she needs some uplifting too! The most difficult time for my wife (Jean) and me was dealing with the two-and-a-half-year losing battle with cancer waged by our nineteen -year-old son, Paul. Within days of the diagnosis, his left leg was amputated two-thirds above the knee, and after metastasis he endured a series of six lung surgeries. My response was to personally appropriate the stories of Jesus’ encounters with heartbroken parents: Mark 5:23 became, “My son is at the point of death. Come and lay your hands on him, so that he may be made well, and live.”

Illness (Chronic)


Confronting God Loss and grief are everywhere in the landscape of our lives.  There is nothing in human life to which we are attached that is permanent and unchanging.  There is no deep or lasting bond which is not subject to the uncertainties of this world’s terrain.  Six years ago, at age forty-eight, just when […]