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Praying During the Coronavirus Crisis


At a recent Wisdom of the Wounded team meeting we discussed praying during the coronavirus crisis. One of Ann Lamott’s simple, yet three powerful prayers like, “Help” “Thanks” or “Wow” fit the bill. But we also wondered: maybe people are seeking specific ways to pray for others during this very unusual time in our lives. […]

Jump Off the Boat

Guest post by Jeff Mulder “Jump off the boat” is a phrase my wife and I use.  It comes from the movie, Forrest Gump.  There is a scene where Forrest is all alone and is driving his shrimp boat down the river.  He sees his long-lost friend Lieutenant Dan on a dock, and without any […]

Staying Positive in a 6 x 8 Foot Home


As the coronavirus pandemic entered its fourth week, I was feeling signs of “cabin fever” and perhaps engaging in a little pity party for myself. Then I received a letter from a friend named Randy who is currently incarcerated in a Michigan prison. Randy is used to being in “isolation” and practicing “social distancing.”  Every […]

How to Cope with Difficult Times


We all experience rough stretches in our life— times when we feel gloomy, defeated or fearful. How can we cope with difficult times? I’ve realized that no matter what our circumstance, there are things we can do. Read on to learn some of my tried-and-true ways to deal with life’s difficulties. Name Your Fears In […]

Bring a Little Joy on a Dreary Day


As I write today, it is a dreary, rainy and 40-degree day in March. There is a pandemic ravaging our world and we are being told to practice social distancing. Rather than just being gloomy and crabby, Larry and I decided to visit our two great-granddaughters (ages three and five) to bring them a little […]

I’m In Time-Out

I’m not a toddler but it’s like I’m in time-out. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues,  many of us feel like we’ve been told to sit in the corner, with nothing to do. Even so, I continue to reflect on how can I care for others, and, “How can I care for myself?”  Here are four […]