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Read It Again!


Guest Post by Amanda Price Has this ever happened to you? You pull a cuddly toddler onto your lap, open a favorite story book, and read to “The End”… And without missing a beat, the toddler says, “AGAIN!” Then, upon reading the story a second (or even a third) time, the toddler still says, “AGAIN!” Do […]

Caring for Leaders

Guest Post by Rodger Price, Executive Coach As the founder of an executive coaching consultancy, I have the incredible privilege of caring for leaders and helping them grow. As such, I’ve been asked if I might share some insights about how to care for leaders. Here are a few thoughts: Unless you have strong reasons […]

Why Is It So Important to Read?

March is Reading Month. In most schools around the United States teachers will invite parents, grandparents, business leaders, and police chiefs into the classroom to impart the importance of reading to children. Why is reading so important? It’s because at every phase of life, reading helps us learn, grow, and secure the information we need […]