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Writing a Note: 3-Rs


I know that it is important to write a note to a grieving person. I want to write a note, but I often procrastinate and don’t write it because I do not know what to say. Please give me some advice on writing a note to a grieving person.

I do not have an ironclad formula that must be followed when writing a note; however, I will share with you my “3 Rs of Writing a Condolence Note:

Standing in Someone Else’s Shoes


According to Psychology Today, empathy means being able to step into someone else’s shoes and then step out of them again. What happens when we inhabit their shoes is supposed to give us an understanding of their experience, their feelings and their point of view. If you could stand in someone else’s shoes… Hear what […]

Tips For Coping With Loneliness


Here are some specific things you can do to cope with loneliness? Direct your thinking outward to others rather than thinking excessively about self. Determine that you can control your own attitudes and emotions.  Ask God for His Spirit of love and joy (Galatians 5:22). Be friendly! Smile! Laugh! Positive actions and emotions are contagious […]

How can one make the Advent season and Christmas a joy-filled meaningful celebration when one is alone and lonely?


I like the answer which Barbara Baumgardner, gives us in her story, “The Aroma of Christmas.”

The first Christmas after my husband died was filled with forced laughter, fake smiles and trying desperately to have a good time.

Twelve months later healing was evidenced by the excitement welling up with me as I prepared for a grand and glorious holiday. The kids and grandchildren were coming to spend Christmas at my home.