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I Am Grounded


I am not a teenager, but I am “grounded.” I am over 60  years of age and due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s advised that I stay home.  As the founder of Wisdom of the Wounded, I am in the business of caring for others.  I’m wondering: how can one reach out and care for […]

A Hairdresser’s Heart for Caring


A note from Karen: Please enjoy this guest post from my niece Abbey, who is a hairdresser in North Carolina. I just love this story because it shows her hairdresser’s heart for caring. May her story encourage you to care for others with a simple kindness today. Guest Post by Abbey George Rich As a […]

What Can I Do for My Country?


What can I do for my country? Maybe that is the question each of us should be asking ourselves instead of demanding that our country, our government, solve all of our problems. David Brooks asks, “What can you do in your communities to heal those who suffer from addiction, broken homes, trauma, prison and loss?” […]

When a Friend is Hurting, Offer Listening Not Advice


So many times, when someone comes to us and tells us about their pain, we aren’t sure how to respond. So we say the first thing that comes to mind, which often sounds like advice. For example, we might say, “What you need is some time away” or, “Have you considered reading the book______? It […]

On-the-Spot Caregiving


My daughter-in law bought me a bouquet of flowers. Isn’t that nice?! But then she gave my flowers to another woman. Why did she do that? Here is the story: While at the grocery store my daughter-in-law Jeri saw pretty bouquets of flowers and decided to buy one for me. While Jeri was in the […]