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Patience is Caregiving


Ted Baxter suffered a stroke that left him paralyzed on one side and unable to speak. Eventually, he was strong enough to visit his favorite coffee shop, but his speech was still difficult to understand and he walked with a limp. Ted recalls that many people were empathetic when they saw a man with a […]

The Gift of Music

By Christine MacLean A note from Karen Mulder: Christine shared this story with me during one of my speaking engagements at my home church, Hope Church in Holland, Michigan. It’s a lovely story about how one man’s love of music united a group of people to engage in a generous act of caregiving. My dad […]

My Loved One Has Aphasia. How Can I Help?


Guest post by Ted Baxter If your loved one has aphasia, your means of communication with them has been drastically altered.  It can be very frustrating (indeed, heartbreaking in some cases) to watch as a family member or friend tries valiantly to communicate even the simplest of messages. As a stroke survivor (which occurred when […]

November Care Well Calendar


Did you know that November is Family Caregivers Month? It’s also the month we celebrate World Kindness Day, and honor our country’s veterans on November 11th.  And then there is Thanksgiving Day, America’s tribute to gratitude, family, and fellowship. All of these days provide wonderful opportunities to care for those around you. To give a […]

July Care Well Calendar


Summertime is here! Our July Care Well Calendar offers unique tips for you to care well all summer long. As part of our year-long Care Well Challenge, our July calendar offers caregiving tips with a summertime twist. Download our July Care Well Calendar here and see how easy caregiving during the summer months can be. […]