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What do you say when a trauma involves children?


What do you say when a trauma involves children?   We often have no idea what to say in the face of senseless loss. That is especially true when children are the victims of tragedy.  The shooting in Newtown, Connecticut was and is heartbreaking in so many ways, not the least of which is the staggering loss […]

Handling the Holiday When Grief is a Visitor


By Father Charles Hudson. Source from Reclaiming Christmas, by Ginger Jurries. When faced with the loss of a loved one we are forced to make a decision to help ourselves move through the pain. The holidays increase the pain because they validate the absence and the death of our child or sibling (or mate) and challenge us to make some basic decisions on just how we will get through the next few weeks. I would like to make a few suggestions for you to ponder and decide upon as the holidays descend upon us.

Just Because


“How are you doing? she asked.  “I heard about the death of your grandmother and have been thinking about you.”  My eyes widened in surprise and pleasure as I recognized my friend Melanie’s voice on the phone.  She’s a friend I dearly love, but we live long-distance and don’t stay in close touch. I told […]

Do’s and Don’ts When Caregiving for a Grieving Person


DO  Start off the conversations with “I’ve been thinking about you.” or “How are you doing today?” Offer to help with a specific task.  Take the time to call the grieving person, and listen for what their needs might be. “Be there” for the person.  Be comfortable with shared silence, your presence alone will be comforting […]

Dear Karen


Dear Karen, This is really more about YOUR story than mine.  Shortly after receiving your book The Compassionate Congregation, a friend of mine lost her husband to suicide.  I went to the chapter on “Suicide”.  My boss helped me arrange time off work to move into her house for 5 days.  Because I know the […]