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Where Was God?


When suffering with and for the families and people of the Newtown tragedy, many people ask, “Where was God?” The following is one little response, my humble response, to that question:

Where was God in this tragedy?

How Do I Care For A Young Person Whose Parent Committed Suicide?


  There is no deeper sense of abandonment than the feelings provoked by a parent’s suicide.  It can be tempting to quickly respond to such pain with:  “It is not your fault. Your parent is in a better place. It’s ok because I love you.” When Barb’s husband committed suicide, she and her four children were crushed. In […]

A Final Gift


by Reverend Beverly Zell Can you invite or allow a loved one who is dying to talk about their death? She struggled with congestive heart failure months before it took her life.  She was sustained by a loving family and an inner spark that ignited her will to live.  But as the end drew near, […]

How can we care for those who are terminally ill?


Margaret Vermeer served as a missionary in Nigeria. When she was seven months pregnant, she received the report that a biopsy of a small tumor was malignant. Five weeks after the surgery to remove the tumors, she gave birth to a son, then began chemotherapy and radiation treatments. For two years she had a miraculous remission, but then gradually more tumors appeared.