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My Grandfather Sexually Abused Me


Acknowledging the abuse was horrible.

Admitting that my grandfather had sexually abused me meant three things: first, he didn’t love me; second, no one in my family cared enough about me to know that I was hurting or to protect me; third, I felt like a piece of litter that no one even bothered to throw in the trash. Realizing that no one really cared about me when I was a child was the most painful part of my healing process.

How do I know if a person is being abused?


Years passed. I married a wonderful Christian man and two years into our marriage our first little girl was born. In the days that followed, the harder I tried to care for our vulnerable, colicky baby, the more desperate and out-of-control I became. That desperation triggered the memory of the helplessness that I felt as a ten-year-old. My past began to haunt me. Migraine headaches and nightmares became frequent. I struggled with intense explosive anger. I was depressed, critical with my husband and I felt undeserving of God’s love.

International Justice Mission


The International Justice Mission’s goal is to prevent violence from ever happening.  To understand the problem and learn how you can get involved, check out their website:  International Justice Mission. You can change life for children, women and men around the world.  The justice movement needs your time, talents and passion.  There’s something for everyone to do—choose how […]

From Victim to Advocate


You could have heard a pin drop as 650 people listened to Elizabeth Smart tell her story.  You can read her story in her book, My Story. After hearing her story, you begin to wonder how was she able to transform herself from a victim to a dynamic speaker who works passionately to help prevent […]