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Leaders Need Caregiving Too


Chances are, you know several people who are leaders. And guess what? Leaders need caregiving too. Your neighbor who is in management, a friend who runs a small business, and even your pastor – they are human beings with feelings, fears, and challenges. At one time or another, we all need kindness and a listening […]

Infertility is a Journey Not a Race


by Lisa Braunius If you had told me when my husband and I decided to start a family that our journey would take place over six years, I would have laughed an uneasy laugh, leaning towards denial of the truth. Or, I would have questioned whether I wanted to move forward on this journey. As […]

My Post-Election Pledge – Will You Join Me?


When the presidential election returns are counted and a president is named, I wonder: how will people react? Some people will be happy; others will not.  I am concerned that there will be more of what we’ve witnessed this year: chaos, destruction and division.  I have worried.  I have prayed.  I have wondered what I, […]

Caring Gestures for an Unemployed Friend


At the time that I write this, our country is experiencing especially large job losses due to the COVID 19 pandemic. But even after we rebound from this pandemic, there will always be the unfortunate situation of unemployment. How can we help an unemployed friend? Here are my ideas. Ask them how they are, then […]

10 Tips for Supporting Your Spouse After a Layoff

By Carolyn Lowstuter When my husband was fired from his job, it through us both for a loop. Thankfully, that difficult time is long past. Here are ten things I learned about how to support your spouse after a layoff. Don’t read too much into emotions. They happen for a number of reasons. Recognize that […]