122+ Ways To Care Well

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122+ Ways To Care Well
Walk and Talk
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122+ Ways To Care Well
A Healthy Riddle
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Leave Your Advice On The Shelf


What is one of the most wonderful gifts you can give another person?

You don’t have to go to the mall to buy it. It’s free, and it is one of the most powerful ways to be God’s “light” to those who are suffering. What is this wonderful gift? It is listening, really listening to another person. Hearing his or her story and helping the person tell his or her story.

4 Hugs A Day


The power of the human touch is vital. Several sources suggest that everyone needs at least four hugs a day for healthy survival, 8 hugs a day for emotional strength and 12 hugs a day to really grow. Start hugging. Start by hugging your children and your spouse. . . .12 hugs a day! What a difference you will make in their lives.

Who Can Resist A Chocolate Chip Cookie?


Who can resist freshly baked homemade chocolate chip cookies . . . or any kind of cookie? How do you like to eat your chocolate chip cookies: Warm? With a glass of cold milk? With a cup of coffee? You will enjoy the cookies even more, if you share some of them with another person. […]