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When we turn on our TVs or open our newspapers, we can be overwhelmed by the bad news: the news is filled with stories of war, murder, rape and child abuse. It is easy to feel pessimistic and think, “The darkness is too great! I can’t make a difference and I don’t even know where to start. Yet Jesus tells us that we are to be “light” and “salt” in this world. The following story by Marc Geldman reminds us of who we are and what God calls us to do everyday.

Just Because


“I think I’ll start a fresh to-do list. I’ll leave room at the top of my list–room for names instead of tasks. My new first line will say, “Be more like Jesus. Make people the most important thing today.” Amy Carroll

Celebrate! Wait! Why?


Are you ready for Christmas?  Today’s radio program presents two pictures of Christmas.  Are you in picture 1 or picture 2?   Which picture is the true definition of Christmas?  Maybe both?  Why do we celebrate?  Please listen and respond . . Merry Christmas