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How do we handle the holidays when a loved one has dementia?


Holidays are memory days. But not for people with dementia.“Do you remember the year the tree fell over…when the cousins stayed for all eight days…when Santa forgot to eat the cookies and the kids cried…”Holidays, especially the Christmas holiday are a tapestry woven with memories. So what happens when your mom or dad or loved one has lost those memories and you want to spend time with them.

Older People Have Ears and Feelings


Do we sometimes forget that older people have ears and feelings? Please remember that even though an elderly person may be experiencing some dementia, they still have ears and can hear. They still have feelings, and they still struggle to hold on to some self-respect and dignity. Follow the wise saying which my mother taught […]

Why God?


Dear Karen:

I have been a caregiver for 15 years. I recently had to assist in reporting a case of elder abuse. It was not physical abuse, but my patient’s grand children were taking money from her without her permission. My patient has dementia. Someone else reported the stealing, I just verified the facts, and the family blamed me. They assumed I made the initial call. I told them that I spoke to the agency involved—legally I had to reveal the facts as I saw them. I’ve been treated terribly. I had to resign. My heart is broken. How do you cope with the sudden separation? I acted out of concern for my patient. Now she will be placed in assisted living—a far cry from the life she is accustomed to. Her husband will remain in a long term rehab center and will not be able to join his wife. She will wither and die because her children are not active in her life. I am asking God to show me how to understand.