A friend of mine recommended Wayne Cordeiro’s book Leading on Empty, which talks about the important topic of pastor burnout. The title really grabbed me. I wonder: is a pastor you know running on empty . . . or maybe even walking (or crawling!) on empty?

My friends Jan and Craig Hoffman are retired pastors. They offer this advice for ways you, as a church member can help your pastor avoid burnout.

  • Ask me how I decided to become a minister. It’s good for me to remember how God moved in my life, and it’s good for you to hear the story!
  • Write a note to your minister telling her or him what they mean to you!  We keep a “sunshine file” of positive letters which encourage us along the Way!
  • Work with your pastor to help develop a meaningful sabbatical of at least three months every seven years. The congregation benefits from these regular periods of creativity, relaxation and learning. Craig walked the Camino de Santiago and it was a real accomplishment and a meaningful time for the church.

Maybe you have never considered that your pastor might be running on empty. Isn’t it nice to know that there are simple ways to show you care?

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