When May I Bring You Dinner?


By Donna Sawyer

Recently a friend of mine who is an EMT was hit by a drunk driver. Kevin was driving and his partner was in the back of the ambulance. As soon as I saw the news on Facebook I called Jodi, Kevin’s wife, to find out how they were doing. Kevin was home from the hospital with a broken femur and a few other minor injuries.

“When can I bring dinner over”? I asked.

It’s often difficult for people to receive help so I try to make it a habit of asking “when would you like” not “would you like me to”. It takes people off the hook of having to make a decision to receive your help or not.

Whether its pizza, a rotisserie chicken or a homemade meal, bringing dinner by is a great way to help people who are going through a rough time. For my Crockpot Hawaiian Chicken recipe go to www.celebratinglifeandfood.com.

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